Pregnancy apps are useful tools for pregnant women to track their baby's development and manage important information during pregnancy.

They offer a variety of resources, from fertile period tracking to information about symptoms, health tips, pregnancy calendars, among others.

Some of the common features include:

  1. Monitoring fetal development: These apps provide information about the baby's growth week by week, including the approximate size of the fetus, developmental milestones, and changes in the mother's body.

  1. Symptom monitoring: They allow you to record symptoms such as nausea, pain, mood changes, among others, which can be useful to report to the doctor during prenatal consultations.

  1. Calendar and reminders: They offer personalized calendars, reminders for doctor appointments, dates for important exams such as ultrasounds, and reminders about vitamins or medications to take.

  1. Health and lifestyle tips: They provide advice on nutrition, exercise, sleeping positions, prenatal and postnatal care, among other important guidance.

  1. Community and forums: Many apps have communities where pregnant women can interact, share experiences, ask questions and find emotional support.

Additionally, some apps offer extra features, such as menstrual cycle tracking for those trying to get pregnant.

Tools for monitoring contractions during labor and even resources for recording special moments during pregnancy, such as photos of your growing belly.

It is essential to choose a reputable app, check reviews, and ensure that the information provided is accurate and based on reliable medical sources.

These apps can be excellent allies during your pregnancy journey, but it is always good to complement this information with guidance from your doctor or healthcare professional.

Apps essentials for future moms:

Maya – Period | Pregnancy

Around the world, more than 10 million women trust Maya!

Use Maya to track your period, monitor symptoms, set health reminders, track your pregnancy, and discuss all things health.

It is nothing more than a calendar through which you can accurately follow the menstrual cycle and know the fertile days. 

Available to Android e IOS

Gestation week by week 

The application brings simple and easy-to-understand information about changes in the female body and baby development. 

Available to Android e IOS

Pregnancy + 
It is the most used pregnancy app in the world, offering different and interactive features.

It brings together practically all the tools to follow the pregnancy completely, such as appointments and exams, to-do lists in each gestational phase and the baby's development.

Available to Android e IOS